A Day in Haikus

I stare at the back

Of my gossamer eyelids

As sleep eludes me

The ceiling fan spins

Above my prostrate body

As I face the dawn

The taste of last night’s

Bourbon still sticks to my tongue

Colgate, please help me

Coffee and silence

The highlight of a morning

Soon to go to hell

Within my inbox

Is a message from a fool

You are why I drink

I start to reply

And am assailed with a sense

Of life’s cold façade

I hop on a call

To talk corporate folly

With a coworker

When I look at him,

I’m reminded of the day

I lost faith in God

I try to impose

Calm and order to my life

Within a spreadsheet

My stomach grumbles

For the nutrients it needs

Which I won’t provide

Pretzels should suffice

Today, as they will the next

Salt is a food group

Another meeting

Awaits me with the buffoon

Whose wife must be blind

He is the Devil’s

Scourge for the sins of mankind

Through him, we are damned

His contributions

Are as weak and impotent

As his genitals

Some take drugs for fun

I take them to forget him

Why can’t I forget

After work I walk

Fast, to outpace my demons

Never fast enough

On my porch I pour

A glass of sweet alcohol

Just to feel something

Existential Dread

Of a day clumsily lived

Purged by ethanol

The pretzels at noon

Were far more than I deserved

Thus I sleep hungry

I stare at the back

Of my gossamer eyelids

As sleep eludes me


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