A Day in the Life: Goodbye, Seamus

You would not *believe* the effort I put in to get you. I had spent my entire childhood being told by mom that we couldn't get a dog ("allergies", I guess. Right.) But when I was a freshman in high school, our grandpa had just passed. And I think all of us needed someone new … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Goodbye, Seamus

Fears & Existential Crises: Meaning

Hello. And greetings from a sketchy Air BNB in what can only loosely be described as the criminal underbelly of the San Antonio suburbs. In my attempt to be spontaneous, I inadvertently signed up to live for a week in a rundown alley adjacent to a liquor store, a strip club, and a Chipotle. Or … Continue reading Fears & Existential Crises: Meaning