The Canker Sore

“Listen, we all die. And nothing you did is going to speed that process up for yourself or anyone else. It’ll be fine.” While probably not the most comforting words to hear at the workplace, I will stand by their accuracy. Plus, empathy is all in the delivery. But let’s take a step back. As … Continue reading The Canker Sore


Personality Chameleon Pt. 2

When I was a child, I did not like myself much. And while sad, I don't think this was a wildly unreasonable stance for pre-pubescent Tom to take. An almost irrational love of saturated fats and Skittles had transformed a once promising Irish Catholic athlete of middling height, talent, and ambition into a meaty little … Continue reading Personality Chameleon Pt. 2

Personality Chameleon

I am not particularly committed to my own personality. That's not to say I think there's anything specifically wrong with it. I've been told it's mildly humorous, unflinchingly passable in most social interactions, characterized by an above average adherence to basic moral principles, and is all-around mostly tolerable by the vast majority of people. I … Continue reading Personality Chameleon