A Day in the Life: A Poem from a San Antonio Airport

A week to rebuild pillars Marble reveries and mortar tears Create a new foundation Still flimsy From fracturing Yet stronger From being tempered In the heat Of overpriced Tex-Mex And the warm sting Of bourbon Soon to be quenched In the cold embrace Of home

Fears & Existential Crises: Meaning

Hello. And greetings from a sketchy Air BNB in what can only loosely be described as the criminal underbelly of the San Antonio suburbs. In my attempt to be spontaneous, I inadvertently signed up to live for a week in a rundown alley adjacent to a liquor store, a strip club, and a Chipotle. Or … Continue reading Fears & Existential Crises: Meaning


Sad Millennial Dating: Personality Chameleon Pt. 2

When I was a child, I did not like myself much. And while sad, I don't think this was a wildly unreasonable stance for pre-pubescent Tom to take. An almost irrational love of saturated fats and Skittles had transformed a once promising Irish Catholic athlete of middling height, talent, and ambition into a meaty little … Continue reading Sad Millennial Dating: Personality Chameleon Pt. 2

Sad Millennial Dating: Margaritas

As much as public school curriculum might have you believe otherwise, simply knowing a lot of facts does not make one intelligent. Having a working understanding of the French Revolution or a passing knowledge of cellular construction (#Mitochondria #ThePowerhouseOfTheCell), while impressive, is about as indicative of a high IQ as one's ability to run fast … Continue reading Sad Millennial Dating: Margaritas

A Day in the Life: Nocturnal Struggles

There are many things in this world that I'm not particularly great at. Cutting in a straight line, for example. I had a kindergarten teacher back in the day who took such umbrage at my inability to snip along a straight, perforated line that she attempted to hold me back for a year, such that … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Nocturnal Struggles

My Friends are Dumb: Short & Sassy

When I first graduated college, I was clearly ill-equipped to take on the adult world. A random corporate recruiter might have looked at my resume and said, "Why, you graduated from a prestigious business school...with a fantastic GPA, lovely...and wow, looks like you were pretty active on campus...and what a *strong* Christian name. *Thomas*. You … Continue reading My Friends are Dumb: Short & Sassy

A Day in the Life: A “Literal” Day

After a few weeks of waxing poetic on the wildly uninteresting inadequacies in my life, I've come to the realization that I've never actually detailed a full *Typical* day in my life. Stories and colorful anecdotes, while entertaining, only provide glimpses into reality. It's like only looking at photos from that trip you took last … Continue reading A Day in the Life: A “Literal” Day