The Scientist

As a child, my friends and family would often call me “stubborn.” Which, to be fair, was among the least hurtful of the other painfully accurate things they would call me; a list that included Tub-Tub, Lemon Puss, Tommy (“I’m 9, please stop referring to me by such a childish name”), and Fatty-Fatty-Fat-Fat - a … Continue reading The Scientist


Personality Chameleon Pt. 2

When I was a child, I did not like myself much. And while sad, I don't think this was a wildly unreasonable stance for pre-pubescent Tom to take. An almost irrational love of saturated fats and Skittles had transformed a once promising Irish Catholic athlete of middling height, talent, and ambition into a meaty little … Continue reading Personality Chameleon Pt. 2